Our Story

Family Farming since 1976.

Sunheaven Farms is located in Prosser, Washington in the Horse Heaven Hills area.  It consists of a group of 5 individual Family Farms.  Robert Munn & Sons, D. Munn & Sons, Brent Schulthies, Clyde Bybee, and Brent Hartley Farms.  

In 1976, these families had the opportunity to move to Eastern Washington and develop dry land into irrigated land. Today, Sunheaven Farms LLC is a top rated, large scale irrigated operation of nearly 25000 acres.  As a group they produce row crops of onions, shallots, carrots, sugar beets, wheat, sweet corn, and field corn, beans, peas, and turf grass seed.  

Onions being the largest acreage and production with close to 12,000 acres grown annually.  There are 3 packing sheds which consist of Bybee Produce, Sunset Produce, and Hartley Produce.

The staff at Sunheaven Farms office and adjoining businesses, Columbia River Services and Horse Heaven Supply provide the following services.  Safety, Human Resources, Accounting, Agronomy, Irrigation Management and daily oversight of our irrigation system, Pump and Motor maintenance, Government and Public relations, installation of irrigation pipe, pumps, and motors, electrical work, road and equipment maintenance, administrative assistant responsibilities, and operation of a retail parts store.

As a staff we work to provide and handle not only day to day tasks, but also administrative responsibilities so that our partners, the farmers and growers can truly devote their time, talents, and efforts on producing high quality commodities that help feed people throughout the World.