This is Sunheaven Farms

Growing in the Horse Heaven Hills for over 46 years.

Established in 1976, Sunheaven Farms has been an expense-sharing venture serving five family farms in the Horse Heaven Hills region of south-central Washington State. The farm produces crop under center-pivot irrigation that include onions, grass seed, sugar beets, and various other produce.

Our Produce

Sunheaven Farms LLC is a top rated, large scale irrigated operation of nearly 25000 acres.  As a group they produce row crops of onions, shallots, carrots, sugar beets, wheat, sweet corn, and field corn, beans, peas, and turf grass seed.  



Sugar Beets

Our Story

Family Farming since 1976

Sunheaven Farms is located in Prosser, Washington in the Horse Heaven Hills area.  It consists of a group of 5 individual Family Farms.  Robert Munn & Sons, D. Munn & Sons, Brent Schulthies, Clyde Bybee, and Brent Hartley Farms.  

Our Farm

Natural. Sustainable.